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     Kathy recently re-edited my most recent book, Who Told You That? The Truth about the Lies, after it was brought to my attention that the book had over fourteen typos and grammatical errors. This woman single-handedly took on this project when I believed it was a dead-end path, and made it a success. She is gifted! She knows the publishing area well. Anyone looking for a woman of excellence should contact Kathy Curtis immediately.
Gail Dudley, Author, Who Told You That? The Truth about the Lies
     Thank you, Kathy, for being my co-laborer for a great book to Godís glory, which I am so proud of...all because you came alongside of me with the help I needed at that moment and time. This book would never have been printed without you. You are the best!
     Authors, you can't go wrong hiring this highly-gifted gal for your project. You can see my book at my website and the beautiful work Kathy has done to make it perfect for publication at:
Dee Taylor, Author, A Walk to the Other Side
     Kathy Curtis has an outstanding resume and it shows in her work. Kathy is professional, meticulous, and extremely prompt. Check off one worry in your publishing process and let Kathy handle the formatting! I was lucky to find Kathy at a critical juncture in the creation of my first book project, The Christian Leadership Experience. Kathyís focused professionalism allowed me to relax and take care of other important preparations for my book launch. To view this book and other helpful materials, go to
Hugh Whitmore, Author, The Christian Leadership Experience
Hey Kathy,

     Lifeís been a whirlwind since becoming a published author and starting my own non-profit. And in it God has been using the message of The Journey to Freedom in powerful ways.
     I had one woman tell me recently that though her husband hasn't read a book in years, he canít put this one down. A young man in his teens told me how God was healing his heart of father wounds and how he was moved to tears as he read the book because of all that God was speaking to him. Then someone else told me this week, "I have been on this journey of wholeness and healing since I was five years old when the sexual abuse first started in my life by my stepfather. I have been to countless counseling sessions and medications for depression, but NONE of those things (though they got me through some really tough times) will EVER COMPARE to the anointing and power behind your book!!!" And story after story like this is coming in to testify to all that God is doing through the book.
     This is the fruit of your labor, and I want to thank you again for all your help on the project. Praise God for all He is doing! Many blessings.
Matthew Bauer, Author, The Journey to Freedom
     Kathy, you are our gift from God! You have no idea how grateful we are for you and for the confidence we have in your helping us to produce an excellent and God-glorifying product. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We just want all to know that you are a Godsend.
Chuck & Micki Harding, Authors, ANCHORED
     When I wrote my first book, I needed a typesetter, but I had no idea who to trust, where to look, and how to get help. I was given a list of names and numbers, but when I saw Kathy Curtis on the list it read, copyeditor, proofreader, typesetter. Kathy is accurate, conscientious, sensitive of the writerís pen, and will consult the writer as she proofreads to assure you that your book will be the best book published. Choose Kathy Curtis. I chose her for my next book.
Cheryl A Williams, Author, I LOST MY MIND, Hidden Secrets of Godís Mind
     When my husband and I saw the typeset version of my book for the first time, we did a happy dance right in front of the computer! You did a great job...Again, I say, Great Job! Itís been so nice working with a professional Christian. Unfortunately, those two words donít seem to go together well sometimes. Kathy, thanks for patiently listening to and working with me through this often difficult process. You have been an INDISPENSABLE PART of getting my very first book published. Your anointing has also been a true inspiration! You can be assured I will be calling on you again! Shalom, friend!
Donna Morton, Author, Our Jewish Heritage
     You have done a spotless job from the beginning. I am so glad that God led me to contact you about copyediting and typesetting because I feel that I have the best person helping me out. Everything looks great to me. Thanks for helping to bring my vision into true form. God is going to bless you in a mighty way! Thanks.
Tamika D. Bacchus, Author, Plain Jane Learns to Pray
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